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Update for early 2019

There has been such an amazing outpouring of excitement and positive support coming in from our subscribers. A lot of questions! There has also been some speculation, if what we are planning is real or not. Let me put it this way- we really are doing everything we can to make our vision come to light. As a recap, and as has been included here on our website in the past, Rexburg Play is our dba name in support of our humanitarian efforts through our non profit 501c3 we will be organizing later this year, named OFIFOTO, or One Foot In Front Of The Other. Due to expenses and looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, we will be making that official in the near future. This will be a combination of community services we've designed to fund our vision in providing Idahos first violence and abuse victims Safehouse focused on changing lives, education, protection, and a life rehabilitation effort to lift the hands that hang down of victims trapped. We have a very specific way in which we go about our efforts. This is not a handout. We are not Government. We believe everyone deserves the chance to stand on their own two feet. Our efforts reflect this, and provide refuge while this is worked towards.

Rexburg Play, the indoor waterpark will be the financial means we carry out these efforts perpetually into the future. We are not doing this to line our own pockets; More so, we are doing this to hem the pockets of those who need it most, and to provide the much needed community center that this whole area and schools has been in need of for far too long.